I’ve got this F-14A about 50% done, a Meng Bradley ready for lots of paint, and an Eduard MiG-15 1:72 UTI in the mail.

But, I also have this Fujimi 1:700 Nagato special edition kit with PE, which I may not use, or use all of it, and wood deck stickers. Bought it a while back. It is now calling me to build it. I like Fujimi 1:700 kits, especially their IJN warships. I haven’t done them justice in the past, always making mistakes, but I remember enjoying the building while remembering the history of them and the Pacific War. So, crazy as it may sound, I’m launching the Nagato in the Scott Shipyard soon. No complex paint schemes, no landing gear or cockpits, just a straight ahead ship build that will challenge my perseverance and ability to build small but precisely.

I’m excited. I need something smaller, more familiar and fun to get me through the next few hard weeks.