I am back with the Tamiya F-14A.

Like a fisherman who is having little success will quickly run to a new hole, my impulse, after the fight with the Junkers, was to get on the Sprue Brothers site and get a new kit. The new Eduard 1:72 MiG-21 Profipack was top on my list. Not only a fresh start with a new kit but since I had miserably failed to produce a decent 1:48 version of that MiG, this would be a chance for redemption.

But this time I stopped at the shopping cart. Why don’t you just man up and finish one of the quality kits residing on the shelf of doom. So, being practical for a change I got down the 1:48 F-14A, reviewed the instructions and figured out where I stopped.

Missiles. Decals. There.

I had assembled and painted the four Phoenix missiles, applied a few decals and then put them away. These missiles sport many different decals and stencils. Surely a long decaling process is needed and that is all right. They will appear more realistic and as they should. So, decaling has begun.