Removing the decals after they had been treated multiple times with solvent was no easy task. I began with the white and yellow fuselage band. Trying to lift that decal with tape had no effect. The Mr. Mark Softer had literally turned the decal into paint. There was nothing for it but to scrape it off.

I have a number of old dental tools which came in handy for this task. Still, because I had to remove the material from within the corrugations, it took considerable time.

I repainted that area with Andrea black gray and then touched up other areas damaged during the scraping. I had no desire to spend hours removing the wing crosses then having to repaint the camouflage so I heated those decals with a hair dryer which made them pliable enough that I could press the decal down into the corrugations with a toothpick. This wasn’t perfect but it would have to do. I touched up the black decal portions with Andrea Glossy Blacky, a perfect match.

So, now it sits. Done as it will ever be done.

I have mixed feelings about this kit. I like the subject a lot, but, having built a number of Wingnut Wings kits before, some really complex ones, and never having had fit problems that were not obviously of my own making, I’m just not sure about this one. Probably it comes together fine and I, being away from modeling for a while with my medical issues, managed to make a few screw ups that I didn’t catch.

I think I will be done with Wingnut Wings kits for a while. I like them very much, but the nature of WWI airplanes is in essence fiddly and fragile, depending on a deal of rigging to hold it all together and I’m tired of that now. At this point I am undecided about what will be next. I have a commission build in the box of a 1:32 Tamiya P-51D to be done in a Red Tails scheme. It is for a good friend and I want to make a really good job of it. But, am I ready? I lost my modeling mojo for a long time. My hands still shake a bit now and then. My confidence is low. I may have to build another kit or two to get my feel back before tackling the Mustang.

I have very few kits in the stash and they are big and complex, like the Wingnut Wings Janin Stahltabue, which will go up for sale soon. A big 1:10 Tamiya F1 kit, an in-progress Tamiya F-14A, a couple of armor kits and various shelf-of-doom models.

I’m thinking of something like a couple of Eduard or Airfix 1:72 kits. They fit pretty well and they are cheap.