The Junkers arrived last week from Sprue Brothers. I am consistently amazed at Wingnut Wings kits. Thoroughly researched, super engineered and almost flawlessly moulded. And their instruction/research booklets are the best in the industry. The Junkers kit is no exception.

You may view or download Wingnut Wings instruction booklets from their site. I suggest you do that if you are at all interested in WWI models.

After much dithering about I decided on scheme C. I think the contrasts among white, chocolate brown and camouflage will be interesting. And I like the wheel cover decals.

I painted the interior surfaces, frames, engine bearers and so forth with Tamiya rattle-can Aluminum. Some interior parts like the control stick, rudder pedals, etc. will be done in RLM02.

I got an initial start on the Mercedes engine. I am undecided about how much detail to put into this one. Probably ignition wires and some piping. Spark plugs? I made my own in the past so might do that again. I intend to keep the cowl panels removable so there will be some engine detail visible.

Now, I’ve made a start. More work tomorrow.

The Mustang

My friend who commissioned this model found it on the Tamiya USA site for $99 and free shipping. Really. Sprue Brothers has it for $138. So, it is sitting in my study still unopened. I plan to get to it in July. Opening it would be a distraction from the Junkers so it can wait.