For reasons I have yet to fathom the new Wingnut Wings Junkers D.1 appeals to me and my mojo. I have been eyeing this plane for some time even before Wingnut Wings announced it. I tried to build a Roden 1:48 scale version but it was a blobby disaster. Poorly designed model and more poorly cast, I did not care to invest the time, labor and frustration necessary to bring it to adequate standard. Binned it.

Since my modeling mojo has been returning and I have picked around at the Bradley without generating sufficient enthusiasm the lined up the parts for my remaining Eduard 1:48 Dr.1 I finally just up and ordered the Junkers. It will arrive in three days.

In the interim a good friend requested that I build a P51D Red Tails for him. I will be soon ordering the Tamiya 1:32 kit for that project. Going to be a busy and fun modeling summer.