I am now enjoying my personal armor modeling renaissance. A few years back I began building the occasional Tamiya 1:35 armor kit. That was both fun and educational since I knew very little about tanks and AFVs even though they have played such a significant role in early and modern warfare. And, while I did know a great deal about WWI including air and ground actions I had little understanding or appreciation of armor in that war. Eventually, I built Eduard’s only armor kit, the Hetzer with full interior. I found this fascinating for some obscure reason, but even though it took a long while and the interior is only visible through the various opened hatches, I still have fond memories of that build experience. I flirted with Tamiya 1:48 armor for a while, and, as I posted here recently, built their new 1:48 Sturmtiger. But I’m not happy with the experience. The models are fine, well detailed and assemble as Tamiya kits should, but when its all over, it’s also kind of ho hum.

One of the Tamiya 1:35 kits I built during my armor period is the Challenger II Desertised version. It was my only modern battle tank and the building of it fit into that fun category. Even when it was essentially done, I’d set it out on display and take it to the bench for a bit more tweaking, weathering, and spruce-up. I thought, maybe I should build another modern AFV. But then Meng appeared with their WWI armor and I jumped into that. Funky, weird and historically fascinating. As I began working on the British Mk.5 I continued to look into modern battle tanks and armor vehicles. Meng, it seems, has a lot of kits in that line and I have built a good respect for their engineering, kits and instructions. So, umm… which ones would I like to experience? I settled on the IDF Merkava for historical and personal reasons, and the Bradley M2A3 with full interior harkened back to my early Eduard Hetzer.

So, I put an out of production model kit up on eBay and sold it quickly for just about the cost of those two kits. Yesterday, the Bradley and Merkava arrived. They are now in the queue.