The engine cover is pretty straightforward. I decided to cut the doors at the hinge lines and fold them up a bit so that if any of the interior becomes visible, some of the engine might also be seen. The fit into the chassis was snug, but a good fit. The front driver and commander seats and controls assembly is a bit fiddly. A few of the smaller parts could do with more positive fit rather than teeny pegs and shallow indentations. It also fits well but must be tweaked, maneuvered and firmly put into position first.

I’m currently dealing with the final paint on the cooling assembly before I can begin to work on the “exterior” and other assemblies. Having some time and a couple of new podcasts to fill in the repetitive motions required by assembling 54 road wheels, 30 with two parts and 24 with three parts each I actually got that done with minimal pain.

Note on the photos that Meng has done a clever bit of engineering, or it just somehow worked out for the best, in how they attached the road wheel parts to the sprue. The “gate” has been cast flush with the inside surface of a wheel part instead of on the rim. If one cuts the wheel off the gate on the same plane as the inside surface (see photo) it comes off very cleanly with only minimal cleanup required.