Getting in a bit at a time on the Mk.5, which turns out to be one of my modeling rhythms. I do have the sometimes long modeling binge sessions, but mostly I find satisfaction in just doing a few minutes here and there.
I've completed assembling the engine, except for a few pipes. Having the chassis, engine, clutch and rear differential completed allowed me to test fit these components together. Meng's instructions in this area are not clear about what goes where on the chassis. You kind of have to extrapolate from the drawings. The clutch assembly is difficult to fit between the chassis rails but referring frequently to the drawings and lining up slots and tabs I was able to jigger it into place. The wrong place it turned out when there was a big gap between it and the differential. Good thing I was in the "dry" fit mode.
Often, making assumptions not based on actual evidence gets me in modeling trouble.
I repositioned the assembly and had a good fit with the differential.
At this point, I will add the remaining engine piping and then airbrush it semi-gloss black and detail the various parts. I plan to airbrush the chassis rails, etc. with an off-black, like a NATO black and highlight their features with a lighter gray drybrushing. The wooden walkways that run alongside the chassis rails will be painted hull red.