Hot on the heels of the LAV comes Tamiya’s new Sturmtiger. Odd beast but should be a fun build in this scale. I spent some time on YouTube looking for examples of this thing and found a couple of combat footage clips showing the weapon being fired. It’s like a rocket. And big enough to take out a building. 

You have to love the Tamiya kits, especially the Military Miniature series if 1:48 scale armor and vehicles. The detail is excellent, the parts count is reasonable, subjects are varied and the price is certainly right. And, they display nicely with 1:48 aircraft.

So, to the Sturmtiger build. I’ve had few issues. The only one requiring extra work was a small gap where the fighting compartment roof met the vertical back plate. I rectified this with a segment of thinly stretched sprue laid in the gap and lightly brushed with Tamiya Extra Thin cement. Any sprue that remained proud was sliced flat with a scalpel blade after it had cured.

I cut away a segment of the mud skirt on one side and twisted in a few bends. I also cut each segment on the other side free and put them on individually.

I decided to forwgo zimmerit. I don’t have the material to make it from scratch (I think, but this may prove otherwise…) and the Tamiya stick-on zimmerit sheet is not in stock at Sprue Brothers.