So, do not mix Gunze paint with Tamiya acrylic thinner unless you are going for color goo. That was bad enough but Murphy seemed to have taken up residence at my bench yesterday. My old, single-action Badger air brush finally rolled over and died. I tried pretty much everything. Disassembly down to the smallest parts, cleaning, soaking, probing, wiping, nudging, reassembling. Nothing worked. It was not that the thing wouldn’t spray paint, it was that it sometimes would and it sometimes it wouldn’t, it would sometimes which pray a lot and sometimes not so much. I kept the small brass tip and binned  the rest of it. It was about 20 years old so I suppose it was time.

I did manage to apply the two tone camouflage to the vehicle. I think it looks pretty decent. Next it needs a gloss coat and some detail brush painting. The window glass needs a light tint, probably blue looking at the photos of the real thing. After that some minor weathering and decals should finish things up with the body.