I can live with the deeper blue I used, but the decals were a disaster. After painting the body shells, cleaning up the chrome plated pieces and a final touch up on the interior parts, I commenced with the decals. The small “Gulf” decal went on fine on the spoiler. Next was the orange and black stripe on the rear deck. It shattered right away. The round white circles, background for the numbers performed equally, cracking and shattering too. After nudging the pieces into place, I applied some setting solution. Not a good idea. Turned it into a puddled mess.

I made a run at the white circle on the front along with part of the orange and black there. Same story.

So, the only real alternative is to paint the white circles and the black and orange stripes. Edging the orange with small black strips will be the difficult part I think. What are the alternatives?

I could paint the stripes and circles. Edging the orange stripes with thin black lines would be a problem, but not insurmountable. And, I don’t have a circle cutter to make the masks. 

Or, I could just do a 917. A blue one with decals sourced from my leftover collection.

Bears consideration, and while that’s in the queue, I’ll wheel it back into the model garage and let it sit for a while.

I think I will finish the missile load out for the F16. Need a bit of paint and the decals.