I airbrushed the wheels semi-gloss black, then added a light coat of flat black. I also sprayed the interior of the body shell flat black. I added the exhaust pipes and “metal” hanger in the engine bay, finished the chassis, interior, wheels and top part of the “motor”. There is no actual model of the engine itself, just the parts visible from the bottom and the top of the car. The alignment and fit of the internal frame and suspension was tedious, and in some instances, unclear. Instructions can be much clearer and precise, especially considering the complexity of the frame connections. Too many small parts have to fit and align properly so that the resultant assembly fits the other assemblies accurately. Because of the poor instructions and vague parts moulding in the connection areas, putting the framing and suspension components together into an aligned and robust assembly is difficult.

Example: the cabin bulkhead is a supporting member for the engine compartment top frame. It must sit at 90º to the floor and the engine compartment top frame, which mounts upon previously assembled structures (other frame members, suspension components), should but up against the bulkhead and fit into holes cast for that purpose. If the bulkhead, or the other assemblies the frame rests upon are not exactly in line and “square”, the connection to the bulkhead is not made. This was so in my build. Being unable to go back and disassemble the framing and suspensions subassemblies and re-work their alignment, I resorted to gluing a short piece of sprue under the locating holes in the bulkhead in order to support the top frame. This should not have been necessary, or at the least, pointed out in the instructions.

Once finished and all parts brought into alignment, this model will basically remain static in my display case. I’d call it a bit fragile in that if any of the small plastic framing connections come apart, there will be major issues if it is moved. Probably breakage will occur and a major overhaul will be necessary.

I’m still willing to put up with this now since I’ve built most of the hard parts and it is practically the only 917K kit available. There may be super multi-media kits around, but I couldn’t afford them if there were.

I think this is a good example of why I am now attracted to what I call high quality kits, those made from good engineering design, clever moulding and precise parts. I know some modelers get pleasure out of bringing an inferior kit up to modern standards, but I don’t.

Now, to begin touch up painting of all those framing and suspension components.

And, to perhaps rig the masts for Emden.