Emden carries eight ship’s boats, hung from davits buy falls (blocks and tackle). I’d like to make the boats more realistic along with the attachments – falls – on the davits. Revell has made these very rudimentary and suggests running a line from a bow, up through (or over) the tips of two davits and down to the attachment at the stern of the boat. I did this with the Dresden and it looks passable at a distance, but crude and inauthentic up close. So, I’ve spent a while boring #78 holes in the davits. Most came out OK, some didn’t. Next, carving off the little hemispherical bumps Revell has cast, for some reason that completely escapes me, into the bow and stern of each boat. I guess you could smack the end of a line against it and slobber some glue on it, but no thanks. So, I’m pondering.

How to attach the falls to the boats and davits that won’t drive me totally crazy, but still appear halfway authentic. I’m thinking tiny wire eyes on each end, but even as small as I could make them, they would be seriously out of scale. Perhaps one at each davit end? This is a problem that is going to take some time to sort out. Shipyard schedule is slipping for the Emden.