I am a big Steve McQueen fan. Steve was an authentic race car driver as well as a major movie star which gave him the clout needed to make an authentic movie about one of the world’s major races, the 24 hours of Le Mans. I think the needed all of his influence with the both the financial backers and the racing community in order to make the movie the way he wanted it to be which was, within the constraints of movie story lines, a realistic depiction of Le Mans. I don’t know if the critics liked it, and it was not a big box office hit but I still think it is the best at showing what Le Mans is all about.

Steve races for the Porsche team (who else?) and drives one of Porsche’s most awesome race cars, the legendary 917. I spent considerable time researching models and finding one to build as #20, the car Steve drove in the movie. Fujimi has a quality model at a reasonable price so a couple of years back I got one from Hobby Link Japan and put it on the stack. Now, I am building it while I ponder and futz around with the ship’s boats for Emden. Pretty good change of pace, back and forth.

I’ll need to get some Tamiya orange acrylic for the car. I’m still undecided about using the paint along with the decals, or painting the orange stripes and forgetting decals. There are a few small areas that will need to be painted orange even if I use the decals. But, that decision can wait while I am preparing, painting and assembling the rest of the model.

Maybe I’ll spool up the movie and watch it again for further inspiration.

Update: so now, after checking out photos of the real Le Mans #20 car, I see the wheels were black. Well, it was instructive and kinda fun to have brush painted them steel. But it will be airbrush time for the black.