I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to any modelers who read this, but I’ve a number of “in-progress”, or, really, unfinished models on the shelf. There are many reasons for this, not all of them good, but the ones that have survived the bin are still around due to good intentions on my part. Often, when I am at loose ends, wondering what happened to my modeling mojo, I will take one or two down and put it on the workbench with all intentions of actually finishing the usually small number of tasks that need to be done. Also, often, I will look at the model closely, recalling the various bloopers, dents, missing parts, misalignments and paint runs I’ve inflicted, poke thorough the remaining sprues and parts earlier clipped and the mojo fades rapidly into the background. Back on the shelf it goes.

However, for some still uncertain reason I actually finished two of my models that had been collecting dust on the back bench. Mostly almost finished. Dibs and dabs, maybe a decal or two, a couple of missiles.. But, for now, finished on out where they can be seen. Tamiya kits and fun to build.