After cutting the hull shape into the foam core board and securing it at a slight port roll angle I commenced thinking, again, about modeling water. I’m not at the heavy seas stage, but more concerned with relatively calm water that actually resembles sea water. At first I tried laying wave forms with small, rolled pieces of tissue soaked in water and white glue. After they were dry I decided they looked like pieces of rolled tissue soaked in white glue and water, so ripped them off, except for the bow and stern wakes. I put this construction on the shelf for a few days while I completely axed a couple of cheap airplane kits. I got out my old Tamiya 1:20 Ferrari F2000, fixed a few issues, touched up the paint with my airbrush and it was like a new car. This encouraged me to get the landing gear doors on the Tamiya F-16, which i did and it is sitting next to the Ferrari on what passes as my modeling display surface.

Now ready for the Emden, I commenced painting abstract patterns on the foam core board in royal blue and basic green. The bow and stern “wakes” soaked up the paint and resembled mutant sea worms, so I ripped them off too. I applied two or three coats of each splotching (blending is too kind a word for it) them together. Looked like hell. But, undaunted, I set about smearing on my acrylic gel with my trusty popsicle stick, then lightly smacking it down on the wet gel and lifting it straight up in random patterns until it kind of looked like small wave-like ripples. Now that it is dry it is clear so the blue green splotch patterns show through. Next, I plan to lightly dry brush white over the tops of a few ‘ripples’ and around the bow and stern to suggest small wakes.

The big items now are the ship’s boats and davits, rigging the masts and their stays, which will require more wire eyes to be attached to the deck, flags, anchors, searchlights and little bits, then done. Oh, and repaint the hull where I slopped on some blue and green.

Stacks drilled and EZ Line attached with CA
Ship’s boats ready for painting.
Sitting in the foam core board, prospective waves and wakes penciled in.
This and the next three are right after applying the paint and gel, which is still not totally dry.
Photo in full sun after the gel has completely dried showing the colors underneath.