After finishing the FT-17, and being totally unprepared to make or design a diorama for it, I cast about for something new to model. Rather than dropping into deep shopping mode, I looked around the stash and my eyes fixed on the Revell SMS Emden kit. My friend Rick had given me the Revell dual kit when I was in the midst of my recovery mode. I built the SMS Dresden a few months ago during the time I was also immersed in Massey’s Castles of Steel which recounts the voyages and fates of both the Emden and Dresden. Some internet research revealed that, no, the German WWI navy did not go to war with ships painted white and tan, rather they used a very light gray, sometimes referred to as silver gray. Armed with this info, the experience of my Dresden build, and a number of period photos, I started.

These cruisers had a wooden planked midship deck. Revell thoughtfully engraved the wood grain and even though it’s probably out of scale, it looks good. I brush painted many coats of the light gray Tamiya acrylic for the steel portions and used Vallejo “cork” brown for the wood undercoat. Once dry, I went over the brown carefully with burnt sienna oil paint. Needs some toning down, which I will do with a flat coat later.