The short version is that I have successfully concluded a two year association with prostate cancer. Radiation treatments and a hormone therapy regimen seems to have killed my little invader. If not, they say that by the time it returns, if it does, and progresses far enough to cause me difficulties, I’ll be dead of something else anyway.

So, I’ve been modeling more. I slowly built a Wingnuts Wings Roland C.II Early during my treatments. I’ll post photos and some comments on that build. In brief: lovely. I’ve gotten into WWII IJN warships, especially those from the early years. I’m doing those in 1:700 scale, which has gotten me more in touch with my inner modeler and my Optivisor. I’ll post some photos of what I have done so far, the IJN Akagi and the IJN Chokai heavy cruiser. My friend Rick Ewing sent me the dual Revell Kit of the German WWI cruisers Emsden and Dresden. I’ve built the Dresden and that about the time I’d re-read Castles of Steel. A worthy read if you are at all interested in WWI at sea. I’ll do a post and photos of that build as well.

Being a Wingnut Wings nut and a student of the early years of WWI air, I had previously built the Eduard DH-2 in 1:72 and 1:48. Having completely goobered up the 1:48 kit, I bought another, which is partially done and in the box. I got smart enough to buy the Wingnut Wings DH-2 kit two weeks before it went out of production. That one will be coming up relatively soon. Probably before the first snow here at 7000′

Now, needing a larger scale and easier kit break from the 1:700 Fujimi IJN Chokai, I’m into the great 1:48 Tamiya F-16 Block 50 kit. Vipers are just cool, and there is nothing better than the Tamiya kits for those aircraft. So, I’ll be putting up photos of that one which is in the decaying stage. I’ll discuss all of the issues – mostly self inflicted – and observations about the build here. For now, dinner calls.

More soon.