Today, I pack up the remains of my modeling tools and supplies. In seven days we will be moving to La Veta, Colorado. By the time we get into the new house and unpacked and I get my modeling bench set up it will likely be near the end of this month. I intend to resume work on the Hunley kit and get it finished on on display. I may then finish the 1/72 Revell U-Boot Type VIIC and display them together. The Hunley should be small enough to sit on the deck of the U-Boot.

At this point, I have not decided what kit to start in the new house. I am leaning toward one of the Wingnut kits or perhaps the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire IXc. I’ll need to get a few resin detail parts from Roy Sutherland for that one though. Whichever it is, I also plan to keep one of my orpahn kits going toward completion at the same time. My skills are better now, so I can do a good job on the Eduard Bf-110C I’ve had since Anaheim. I also have the Dora and the new Oeffag to build as well. That’s part of the fun though; planning what kit to build next.

I am leaning toward making plans for and scratch building one of the Confederate ironclads, perhaps the CSS Palmetto State. I don’t think this would be too hard, especially if I used pre-cut strip styrene for the armor plating and bought a few canon barrels. Something to think about. I admit to being fascinated by Blackmore’s huge USS Monitor kit, but that one will have ot wait for a while.

At this point, my main modeling will be via the internet and various history books.